The future walks among us…

Where we fall in the dew of shadowless beings
Where we taste evil and blood and know our silence
Is its mother….

Where we lie down in fear of sleeping our eyes transfixed
On a wind of blowing dust and skin…..

The future walks among us….

Where we hear the muted prayers of a vanished child at
The gates that
open toward nothing….

Where we hold one another in the dying parts
Of ourselves…

Where we waken in dawns aflame
And feel the stick figures

On the ancient walls watching us….

The future walks among us….


In the rain just now

In the rain just now
Before dawn….

The smallest stones filled with moonlight
Dim their lamps….

Each morning
The same singing
Hangs from the trees where the owls sleep….

Soft songs melting through the leaves

The fragile leaves….

Hidden among the death masks….
The still open hands holding
A wind…

Over which a nightmare I have dreamt all my life

Is sounding….

The songs
Foggia italy