Here is a place where nothing can die
Darkness that lives beneath the leaves
We bring our nights there without knowing
We bring our fear there before the singing begins
We bring our silent names there hoping we are forgiven
We bring our hands there scented of a river
We bring our prayers that hide and watch us
The landscape where we have held the loose feathers
Of a fallen bird
And awakened in the land of the unseen
Here is a place where nothing can die….

What has seen you

What has seen you
Saw you a long time ago
It comes back to watch you
Though sometimes you are missing
It waits with its one breath 
Listening to itself so it can remember
Often when it arrives it sounds
Like smoke
Or a burning leaf
Sometimes it sounds like its hand on your window glass
The eyes in its hand closed but for one eye
The one that remembers you….
From the dead zone texts
In continuance