Life is not itself

It is a long journey
It is the world’s dream of us
The footprints that have led away are our own

We watched them leaving
In the silences that have taught us to be still

While the wind howled…..

It is not itself
We sit in its dampened rooms

Born so far away from ourselves
Looking back over our winged shoulders

Where the long journey began….

Painting with words
For Paul klee
From the stronghold


The Bounty Hunters

Nah he in eh woh ha doh
Ehoi yah ja oh gnaw ni dot

Edo no vo oh komeh eh tista
Nah moghda Veho

Davi idon ha aht ighiv

Hoiv ay ya dnot neuts
Eyo sidon he tista

I feel them out there
They sit under a dark sky
Waiting for coyote or Indian
Or black man

Night holds its fist in their eyes

The prairie now grown darker
Turns its face away….

Dog soldier poem

For Robbie McMurtry, Chantel Moore, Sarah Circling Bear, Zachery Bear Heels,
Jacqueline Slayers, George Floyd, Mahivist Goodblanket….a list too long to publish here.

From the stronghold
Lance henson
Cheyenne nation of Oklahoma
June 6, 20