This is the place

This is the place
Where the end fell into itself

We were there as it looked back toward us
With our empty bells and our souls
Burning in the hills

We arrived in a boat made by a quivering child

Everything fallen out of our mirrors

As we taste the first days

And the last….

The place
Foggia ghetto

They sit where horsemen have passed

They sit where horsemen have passed
Moisture rising from
the hoof prints….

Owl dreams hovering above them….

on a rainy mountain road near grove Oklahoma
A dead black one lifted its glistening wing
As I passed…..

In a haunted mansion in France
I closed the bathroom mirror the limp wings
And vacant eyes behind me….

These are the ones that chose us….

And will sit with us
While only our shadows remain

and our bones have melted away….

Thursday July 16
Lesina Italy

You are not a wolf

“You are not a wolf
And this is the land of wolves now….”
Sicario the film 2015.

Long before winter these ones sent
Their tracks looking for you….

The black dog sits among you
Its crimson eyes turned toward you

They will ask you to come out
Whether by your stench of hatred or evil fear

They sit in the blackness where you sleep

They will rise as darkness to enshroud you

They know who you are…..

We are among you

Even now….

Dog soldier poem for enemies.
Mahago domiutz tsistsistas
June 30.20