For Berta Caceres

A river has no name..the sound it knows of wind
And moonlight..
It’s singing self..
It’s long memory
Bereft of longing..
Full of human invasion
Human crossings
Animal crossings..

Rests in its essential movements..

Shaman know..

It is possible for a river
To sing inside a soul..

It is you..

For berta caceres

From the stronghold
5 March 2016IMG_0094

I voo navo

I voo navo

I yo haugo
    Maheono evee neh

              Ni hinihini no zi


It is dawn

It is raining hard
         Sacred spirits all around you

                                                   My brother 
  It is good

                    It is good…….

For Trudell


for hashem shaabani

for hashem shaabani
maheo nehvistoh
eh houn
though his shadow
                 has joined the mirroring
maheo nehvistoh
eh houn….
hashem shaabani, 32, arab poet and peace activist was put to death by
hanging in his home country in iran. he was founder of an organisation promoting arabic culture and literature in iran known as the dialogue institute.
tsistsistas text..creator look, he is praying
in tsistsistas culture the word for soul and shadow have metaphoric resemblance.mirroring rain references a sacred mirror.known to reflect cosmic

Child of Light (for Mohammed al-Ajami)

IMG_9809Child of light…where are you going
on such a lonely road..
I send in this nightfire….
thunder of moths
and starlight….

for al-Ajami Mohammed,
condemned to life in prison in Qatar
for reading a poem.

Lance Henson
May 9, 2013

About Mohammed al-Ajami and the poem:

Text: ©Lance Henson 2013
Art: ©Barbara Bartlett 2013