12434532_10208216395952161_809575815_nUpon the tornadic plains of washita
A crow sits in morning light
Looking east

Where she sleeps
When medicine sits down

In the wide hand of remembrance…

And here…
Where even wind and ice
Remember sand creek
Wounded knee…
In wintered memory
Grey army blankets
Captured army saddles
Medicine songs continue…

In the confusion of drones and secret prisons

The long dream that died before it was born

The sky goes on eating the oceans
Men continue eating themselves….

Unrelenting human shame

All that remains

On the glass road the gods used
To depart….

Ghetto in foggia Italy
When medicine sits down..maheyuno
The tsistsistas name of Zoe henson
Her birthday on the anniversary of wounded knee
29 December…

© 2015 Lance Henson


Medicine Song

neh hista amiah
dosah eh hos on no eh ah do ish

nodots eno si yowah

nadots do mi uts e mgon baeh
neh tseheskotseo ehmin

my heart is traveling
where the forsaken are hiding

i am going to whisper to their dreams

we will walk upon the ashes of the earth


medicine song