woodpecker song — go gon ho i ehmin

hi do nah/na ma nist/sti doh/hist tah nov
momi gon/vip eht/eho eh dowin/mahp
eh doin/imbomp dists/voheh
digh ho eh/eh hi /goht

na ma nist/diski/iiss

i am making this sound upon the earh

the curled leaf filled with water
holds a looking glass of sky

in a quiet place

i make this small sound….

go gon ho i ehmin

woodpecker song

this bird is an integral part of the new life lodge (sundance)

©2014 Lance Henson

impression of peyote song

whose wings
are scented cedar

who guards the sacred seed

keep us strong

to meet the coming


for the cheyenne
11 april 2014

©2014 Lance Henson



where they have been
it is broken
I am eating the edges of themselves
they left behind
so they will disappear….

I yononi sstah
igini ssi zi ssta
i yoh vah
he is insane
he hates
he is a coward
I stand upon his dead wings

(from the wolf songs)
hotneh ehmin

Copyright 2014 Lance Henson


for hashem shaabani

for hashem shaabani
maheo nehvistoh
eh houn
though his shadow
                 has joined the mirroring
maheo nehvistoh
eh houn….
hashem shaabani, 32, arab poet and peace activist was put to death by
hanging in his home country in iran. he was founder of an organisation promoting arabic culture and literature in iran known as the dialogue institute.
tsistsistas text..creator look, he is praying
in tsistsistas culture the word for soul and shadow have metaphoric resemblance.mirroring rain references a sacred mirror.known to reflect cosmic