An orphaned night rises over the saintly gardens of Bologna…
I am looking for you among these ruins that call themselves poems
Looking for you as if it the last thing to be done in this greying mist
Before dusk I have seen you moving as a thread of silk from a spiders 
Cloak I have seen you tasting water made of prayer and ash

And a little horse in your pocket
         Made of
      The solemn world drinking at the 
Wells of indifference….

     Names falling out of the autumn


For michael 

Between each spoken word

Between each spoken word….
A sacredness resounds
It’s quivering motion turning in a 

minuscule whirlwind

As the silence that glistens in a ravens eye….

Of what can never be spoken 
Watching in its spirit voice

Toward our yearning….

Our dreams

Slowing lives….

Bologna italy

When light mirrors through

Where light mirrors through
Shattering glass….
Breath falls out of a crescendoing wind
Breath looking for its life

Bells of paper prayers burning where once
the sentinels stood

Trees calling to one 

another before 
they fall
Trees in their remembered shadows

Going away….

Amazonia rhapsody 
Bologna Italy
October 4 19

Soft words that have never spoken

Soft words that have never spoken
Inside the abandoned tennis shoe
Of a child….
On a Texas riverbank….

still warm imprint of Hotneh 
Steam rising
from its track
Howling across
The miraging rain….

torn white cloth of skin and fear
as a grey moth escaped from a torn nightmare

On concertina wire shining under a full moon….

We must begin the war drums

The dog soldier texts
Marina de Lesina 
August 13.19

Hotneh (wolf)

Sorrow is no longer a word

Sorrow is no longer a word….as sadness….
as loss….

They are no longer words
If you are brown……if you are the
Other….they have not been words for us
For a long time….
They exist with us….

Fear is a word to us….
It marks the path of our enemies….

They fear….
They are not like us…we can smell their dead souls….
Their empty shadows….


Dog soldier song
For El Paso

Dreams crossing a field of yellow flowers

Dreams crossing a field of yellow flowers
Names falling out of them as they pass…

Where the footprints of migrants…

Are etched in dried mud of human misery….

Between each word sung or spoken….
Screamed or begging….

A sacredness resounds
In the minuscule….

It’s rounded motion….

Speaking in its spirit voice….

Toward our inward yearning….

Lesina, Italy
Where the immigres toil in 100 degree temperatures
Picking tomatoes.



The child within us must awaken….
          Little shadow…..

Your smile the darkness under a leaf….
                       Color of your lovely eyes…..

We bring our prayers to release you from hunger
And fear….

We take your soft breath within ours…
                                             As the river weeps….

Your arm around your father…

For Oscar Alberto Martinez 
For Angie Valeria 

26 Jun 2019

Mistah Song

Stars untether the boneless night….

There is a room where outside its smiling windows
The shackled skeletons break free….

One awakened
One asleep….

We have borne winters soliloquy as beggars
In a field of blinded goats…

Wandering the burnt landscape among
The names of charred

She is spinning the wheels of rainfall
in a dress of fallen names….

Placing them in a leather glove….

For the next one to wear….

Mistah* song

*mistah – Cheyenne word for ghost or great horned owl

From the stronghold
June 3.19


Pierced the universe with the beak of a woodpecker
The warmth of its circumferring flowing through
The sage beneath me into the earths tremoring face….

Watched raven….
Tasting its shadow in the shallow of a still river….

Knelt on my knees in the middle of a street…
Looking into the eye of a dead sparrow
The eye clouding in grey gathering ringclouds of farewell….

Held an eagle wing toward the enemies of the earth
Blowing from the wingtip the ashes
Of cedar….
And resistance….

Carried the bones of Mistah….

The marrow of ghosts buried deep in its cavernous memory….

Of dog soldier prayers….
And Cheyenne fires that have no flame….

But life….

From the stronghold
16 May 19