In the spirit of collaboration and friendship, poet Lance Henson, and I began a blog devoted to his poetry and writing with occasional artworks.


Our intention was not to illustrate his works or to interpret my artworks but simply to inspire and encourage each other in an ongoing dialogue.

Most of our collaboration has been based on his poems past and current with my artworks added but not done in direct response to his words.

Below are the first results of a new strategy, in which I sent images and requested poems from Lance.


they move
between the walled boundaries of metaphor
their wings dripping on our windows
the eyes of flowers trembling in a vicinity of returns
we watch
for signs of passing….

*Hahnomma: tsistsistas word for bee.

©2014 Lance Henson

©2014 Barbara Bartlett

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Emos est se haa’e (One who whispers softly)

Emos est se haa’e, One who Whispers Softly, and its mirror name, Wind who Whispers Softly, represent the transitional times of dawn and dusk. These events contain a small spirit wind. This spirit wind offers a small door allowing the transporting of prayer toward and into both domains of the all-creator.

This name, in the language of the Tsistsistas (Cheyenne), was given by Lance to his wife, journalist Silvana Fracasso and is also the title of an upcoming publication in 2013.

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All text: ©2013 Lance Henson
Art: ©2013 Barbara Bartlett

Upcoming Publication: 2013 — Emos est se haa’e

This series of drawings were inspired by the request for cover art for Lance’s upcoming publication: Emos est se haa’e — One who whispers softly. This Tsistsistas name was given by Lance to his wife, Silvana Fracasso.

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