Soft words that have never spoken

Soft words that have never spoken
Inside the abandoned tennis shoe
Of a child….
On a Texas riverbank….

still warm imprint of Hotneh 
Steam rising
from its track
Howling across
The miraging rain….

torn white cloth of skin and fear
as a grey moth escaped from a torn nightmare

On concertina wire shining under a full moon….

We must begin the war drums

The dog soldier texts
Marina de Lesina 
August 13.19

Hotneh (wolf)



The child within us must awaken….
          Little shadow…..

Your smile the darkness under a leaf….
                       Color of your lovely eyes…..

We bring our prayers to release you from hunger
And fear….

We take your soft breath within ours…
                                             As the river weeps….

Your arm around your father…

For Oscar Alberto Martinez 
For Angie Valeria 

26 Jun 2019


From the dead zone hymnal
Vanishing in the void 

Shadowless in our breathing

eyes closed as we listen to the

Vacant as rainless sky

Blood on the pale stones